Indigenous artwork helps build links with young Aboriginal families

Olivia’s Place has purchased a painting by a local Aboriginal artist after a successful fundraising effort.

“More than 20 percent of the families we supported last year identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander - that is a significant amount,” said Kirsten Finger, Olivia’s Place co-founder.

“We wanted to put some local Aboriginal art in our centre in Queen Street to make those clients feel comfortable, and to demonstrate our commitment to Aboriginal families,” she said.

“It is only a small gesture, but we still feel it’s an important symbol to have on display when people arrive.”

Artist and local Aboriginal Elder Helen Treadgold painted the artwork.

“It’s called ‘Helping Hands’,” said Ms Treadgold.

“The different coloured hands represent different aspects of family and the community that work together to support the family, who are shown in the centre of the painting,” she said.

“I was really happy to be asked to paint this for Kirsten and the team at Olivia’s Place.”