Family support program

For healthy development, children need life to be on an even keel.

mum with toddler and baby on couch looking at ipad.jpg

But for families experiencing poverty and stress, raising children is like sailing in rough waters. By helping expecting or new parents with support, advice and connection to the community, Olivia's Place provides them with the lighthouse and safe harbour they need to navigate those rough waters.

You may have just discovered you are pregnant, or you may have just welcomed your newborn baby. Whatever stage you are at in your pregnancy or newborn parenting journey, Olivia's Place can help.

In practical terms, this may mean:

  • Regular calls to check in during your pregnancy and first year of your child's life, providing advice and seeing what support we can offer

  • Connecting you with maternal and child health services, mothers' groups, playgroups and other support networks

  • Linking you with free or affordable personal or financial counselling

  • Providing letters of support for housing applications

  • Help with filling out forms and advice on what Centrelink payments you may be eligible for

  • Linking you with birth support

  • Undertaking assessments for perinatal depression, then linking you with a GP and a mental health plan if required

  • Referral to domestic violence support services such as Quantum Support Services or Orange Door

  • Providing a pram, cot, car baby capsule, baby clothes, maternity clothes, nappies and other assistance through our material aid program

We are client-led in our approach. This means we listen carefully to your specific circumstances through an initial intake process, and work from there. Many of our clients are referred from other health and community services. But referring yourself, a friend or a family member is as easy as giving us a call, sending us a message on facebook, or dropping in to our centre in Warragul.