Hold a fundraiser

Holding a fundraiser for Olivia's Place is an amazing way to raise money and awareness at the same time!

Fun runs, swims, bike rides, outdoor adventures...

If you'd like to combine your next fitness challenge with raising funds for Olivia's Place, setting up your fundraiser couldn't be easier!

Visit givenow.com.au/crowdraiser, and in a few simple steps you will have a sharp-looking custom fundraising page all set up and ready for donations. And because Olivia's Place is already registered with Give Now, it's even easier.


Baby shower fundraisers

Having your second baby and full to the brim with everything you need? Still want to get your friends together to celebrate your lovely lady bump? This fundraiser is for you!

Host a baby shower for an unknown mum and an unknown baby (one of the families we support). Get together with your friends, family, work or social group and have a party.

Specific gifts (ask us for a list) are donated, which come back to Olivia’s Place to be packaged into gorgeous baby bundles that are provided for free to parents-in-need.

These are given out to parents in a variety of ways:

  • Direct client contact in our centre

  • Through the local hospital maternity ward

  • Through local doctors

  • Through other local supportive family services

Other fundraising ideas

Do you have a genius (or just plain crazy) plan for raising money for Olivia's Place? Great! We'd love to hear from you. Give us a call or send us an email.